Who serves the best Tonkatsu?

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The Tonkatsu craze recently hit the Philippines and we’ve been seeing Tonkatsu establishments open left and right! This deep-fried, breaded, crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside pork chop has actually been in the menu of many Japanese restaurants long ago, but lately, the dish has taken on a whole new, higher-level art form.

While you can enjoy tonkatsu in many forms – bathed in a thick Japanese curry sauce for an extra kick, served up on top of rice with a saucy egg mixture (as in the case of katsudon), or even a tasteful chewy topping on a hot bowl of ramen – we want you guys to tell us your pick for the best plain, adulterated Tonkatsu out there. The ones that are served humbly (or elaborately) on a plate with a siding of cabbage, and that thick sweet-salty Tonkatsu sauce that is as quintessential as the pork itself.

Tell us: who do you think serves the best Tonkatsu?

Best Tonkatsu Restaurant
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Vote and maybe add a few juicy words to explain why on the comment box below!

Who serves the best Tonkatsu?
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